Banka on Naval cay at sunset. Biliran island Philippines

Fish vendors stranded by  a flooded bridge.

Caibiran – Biliran – Philippines

The passenger wants to drive!

Habal habal is a motor-taxi. This one is captured at Talahid – Biliran – Philippines

Old Cargo ship

Very old wooden cargo ship. Located at Naval harbor

Panning shot

Also a habal-habal in a panning shot. At Almeria Biliran


At the terminal in Naval Biliran

Bus to Inasuyan

Bus terminal Naval

Combi bus

Busses on Biliran combine the transport of people and cargo.

Fishing boat at the dock

Boat on the dockyard for maintenance. Took about 3 weeks located at Bunga Biliran

Jeepney at Naval

Shot this at Naval terminal. Edit it in Photo Scape.

Family day out

Saw this at Lomboy. Its a family day out. Though the driver is a professional habal habal driver.

Super Cat fast ferrie

Fast ferry from Tagbilaran – Bohol to Cebu city.

All kinds of transport are shown here,


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